New Year Recruiting Resolutions 2021

Brianna Rooney
January 31, 2022

What a year! The recruiting industry has had some highs and lows in reaction to the market. As 2020 progressed, we have seen shifts with increasing numbers amongst industries across the board. 2020 has brought change to recruiting, but many of these changes are here to stay. There have been shifts evaluated that are predicted to be seen in 2021 when it comes to talent acquisition. As we head into 2021, everything seems as though it’s TBD, but let’s start thinking about what resolutions we can set! The dust has settled, so what goals do we hope to achieve in this new year?

2021 Recruiting Resolutions:

1. Increase your Competitive Advantage

What competitive edge do you have? How can you attract the attention of job seekers more effectively? It may be time to re-evaluate your current application rates and conversion rates. Where are you losing candidates and how can you retain them? Find out where you are going wrong and find a way to improve the experience for your candidates.

2. Create Stronger Work Culture

How are you treating your employees and how are your colleges interacting? Job seekers are shifting their priorities to ensure that the brand that they end up working for has a good-healthy work culture. People are focusing more so on their interactions within the company and how the organization treats their employees. Make your companies the ones candidates want to work for!

3. Increase your Personal Brand Awareness
Smother yourself with information. Know your company, or companies, and know what they stand for. Know your data, your stats, and your candidate personas. What times and days do you reach your target audience? Figure out the basics and get to know your company/companies better.

4. Start Including Mobile Design

People are using their cell phones now more so than ever when searching for jobs. When creating your landing pages, make sure they are mobile friendly and optimized. This makes the job search more efficient and more beneficial to your applicants; saving them time and easy access.

5. Relax on Location-Based Recruiting

With remote work happening all over the country, and even the world, it’s time to place less stress on location-dependant roles. Since people are working from home, you can recruit candidates for specific roles with no specific location.

6. Increase your Diversity

Now more so than ever diversity is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed at the organizational level. It is time to become more serious with inclusion and make it a priority when it comes to hiring. Expand your talent pools with candidates of underrepresented groups. Create change and be the reason that there is higher inclusivity among workplaces.


The dust has settled but we haven’t! We can better ourselves, our companies, and the future of recruiting in 2021. Tech and tech recruiting is stronger than ever. This year has been very successful for some IPOs so let’s keep moving forward. Let’s do better in the new year.