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Brianna Rooney
Brianna Rooney

CEO and Founder of TalentPerch, Techees Recruiting, The Millionaire Recruiter, and now Thriversity. Her vision for the last 14 years has been to change the way the World views the Recruiting Industry. Having two little kids, Brianna remains firm on her work life balance. She believes you can be as successful at work, as you are at home. You don’t have to choose. The choice is, be present and rock everything you do.

Taylor Bradley
Taylor Bradley
Chief Strategy Officer

Taylor has a passion for people, processes, and technology! She has a proven track record of leading teams to exceed performance & leadership expectations!

Kait Vickers
Kait Vickers
Head of Falcon Team

Kait has a knack for problem-solving, innovation, creativity, and helping people grow. Her diverse background and skills have made her the ideal leader for a team known to have swiss army knife capabilities and speed. She is a strong believer in knowing and living in your genius. Passion drives results.

Talent Partners

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Our Values

We welcome anyone to the TalentPerch team with these values!

Knowing Your Genius

Do fewer things but be exceptional at them

Be Tenacious

Our tenacity is equal parts determination and work ethic

Keeping It Real

we give it to you straight and are always our authentic selves.

Embrace Knowledge

Our culture thrives when we are constantly learning. We are seekers and teachers of knowledge, so we can always advance our skills. Technology and methods evolve quickly, and so do we.


As a team, we are unstoppable as we are driven by our passion to make an impact in people's lives and careers.

Our Values!

We go far beyond the norm of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), our team of highly skilled Talent Partners and Strategists provide companies access to on-demand solutions for unprecedented challenges faced in today’s talent market.

Our "WHY"

We believe Talent Acquisition is a science positioned at the center of where people and business intersect. By sharing our collective recruiting genius and culture of learning with you, our partnership will create meaningful change in how you build your team.

Our Mission

We believe Talent Acquisition is a science positioned at the center of where people and business intersect.

At TalentPerch, we bring our collective recruiting genius and a vibrant culture of learning to the table. Together, we'll unleash our superpowers, creating a tidal wave of meaningful change in how you build your team.

Perchify Yourself!

We are changing the way the world views recruiters.

TalentPerch is not just a workplace; it's a haven for the entrepreneur spirit and those ready to shake shit up!

We are dedicated to transforming every member of our team into the best versions of themselves and inspiring recruiters worldwide! Together, we're on a thrilling journey of personal growth and making a lasting impact.

Join us at TalentPerch, where we turn aspirations into reality and have a blast along the way! 🚀

We Are Hiring And Inspiring!

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