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Specializing in Software Engineers Of All Levels Up to C-Suite

TalentPerch is your strategic talent partner that aligns business goals and talent initiatives. We work with seed funded startups all the way up to hyper-growth with a high focus on sustainability. We collaborate closely with your team to create a cohesive and collaborative environment. Let's achieve greatness together!

TalentPerch Does it For You or With You

We solve unique recruiting challenges that will save you millions in the long run.

TalentPerch is redefining recruiting by offering on-demand scalable solutions for seed-funded startups to hyper-growth environments.

Sourcing Support Team

Pipeline Acceleration

The Sourcing Support Team builds pipeline + initial recruiter screen
The lead Talent Partner will serve as your main point of contact and and will performance management the TalentPerch SST team
Client will determine the manner and format in which they would like the team to submit candidates (through ATS or other channels)
Hiring Manager sync calls to start off search. Additional syncs as needed to ensure visibility into productivity and other search insights
You will receive 3-6 qualified and interested candidates a week

Embedded Talent Partner

We Are Brand Ambassadors For Your Team

Dedicated Talent Partners that are blended into your team
Sourcing map research and implementation
Build high-caliber candidate pipelines
Deliver recruiter screen intakes of qualified candidates while pitching the client with excitement and accuracy
Manage inbound direct applicant screenings
Best practices regarding candidate experience
Full-Cycle candidate management from beginning to end
In charge of the closing process, including salary negotiations

Build Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Build an adaptable plan that will grow with you

Analyze forecasted staffing needs and implement a recruitment strategy, timeline, and necessary resources to respond to these needs
Define or revise recruitment processes, metrics, trends, KPIs, and SLAs
Identify new technologies for integration to improve operational inefficiencies
Educate organizational management on current job trends and industry best practices to attract top talent.
Assist in establishing company culture and social media go-to-market strategy
Utilize data-driven metric reporting to establish ROI

Build Your Onboarding Plan

Design the ultimate onboarding experience for your new team members

Provide background/drug screen vendor selection and assist with implementation
Design internal onboarding program elements and processes
Build offer letter routing approval process
Create new hire communications, set up automation, and build unique welcome experiences for full-time, part-time, contract, consultants, and temporary hires
Establish formal mentoring or buddy system
Construct effective system requests and a first-week schedule
We do all the heavy lifting
We build and evaluate your interview process, keep hiring managers on schedule to fill hiring quotas, build pipelines with a data focused approach, and use a tactful process when closing candidates.
Straight-forward pricing structure
Hiring is one of the most expensive and important ventures a company takes on. We align directly to your capacity modeling structure and create a plan of action with no long-term commitment.
Need a one-off solution? 
In case there is only one specific area you need support on, we can tailor an a la carte option for you. The recruiting and technology industry are always evolving and we love to adapt to better support the companies we work with.
Dedicated team members
We provide coordinators, sourcers, recruiters, client success leaders, and a Data Ops team ready to tackle any level of hiring and process. These team members are dedicated to your team full-time, as if they are your own employee. All TalentPerch employees complete a vigorous training program and receive continuous development.

The Power of a Partnership With TalentPerch

Our customized solutions feature a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist who ensures a smooth transition, while we take care of performance management, guaranteeing consistent and impactful results. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on what you do best.

Save money and time when you train your hiring managers

Missing your hiring goals?
Have a frustrated team?
Had to let go of your recruiters and now you need your hiring managers to take over? 

Your hiring manager needs to be trained!

Attracting the best and brightest employees to your company isn’t a one-time-only event, it's a continuous process of networking and building relationships with top talent. It starts within your own organization.

The interactions between recruiters and hiring managers can make or break your company's ability to attract and obtain top talent. Our training can help your team work together to make your company thrive.

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Benefits of an Embedded Talent Partner

Strategic & Data-Driven

Emphasis on building long-term hiring strategies - proactive vs. reactive approach
Builds candidate pipeline for future hires
Builds brand awareness and digital attraction campaigns
Data-driven via candidate tracking individually and through systems

Experience Oriented

Inclusive recruiting using cutting-edge recruiting trends & tools
Hyper-focused on delivering a candidate experience that represents your brand beautifully
We collaborate as an extension of your team
Integrate with the company’s internal processes, or define/create them if needed

Benefits of Contingency

Niche & Diverse Network

15+ years experience in innovative tech roles
Access to a large & diverse network of qualified passive candidates
Specialize in inclusive sourcing

Results Driven

You only pay for results which can result in a lower cost per hire.
Experienced specialized recruiters with top closing skills and knowledge in presenting offers with equity packages
No long-term commitment. Turn on/off the solution at any given time.
TalentPerch can free up time for your internal team to focus on other strategic talent solutions

Your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Scalable & Flexible to Fit Your Needs

RPO is a Talent Acquisition model that is scalable, flexible, and manages the entire recruiting function. A true RPO takes care of the people, process, technology, and strategy of recruiting. That means doing everything from writing job descriptions and candidate screening to improving hiring manager satisfaction and employee branding. RPO's view their relationships with clients as a long-term, strategic partnerships with built-in accountability to ensure a consistent talent pipeline.

Working with an RPO doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your in-house recruiters. We implement a solution that benefits both in-house Talent Acquisition teams and outsourced support. A blended work setup where both in-house and RPO teams work together.

Our Custom Models

Enterprise RPO

Our team effectively and efficiently owns each element of the talent acquisition strategy, from requisition to onboarding. We assist in upskilling and re-skilling your current employees to ensure your organization is sustainable.

Project RPO

You outline what goals you are trying to achieve and we partner with you to deliver short-term recruiting and talent acquisition results. We make sure we deliver on time, and within budget.

Blended RPO

We add on and complement your current team with recruiting resources to seamlessly support key parts of the hiring process. Utilize our team for as much or as little of the recruiting process as you need help with.

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Who Are We?

Combining over 30 years in recruiting and talent acquisition experience
Brianna Rooney is a women serial entrepreneur and powerhouse in recruiting. She is the founder and CEO of TalentPerch, Thriversity, The Millionaire Recruiter & YouTube channel, and Techees. Her exhilarating passion, strategic vision, and commitment to excellence have propelled her businesses to unparalleled heights, which resulted to the Techees team being acquired by Affirm in 2021. 

As a respected industry leader, Brianna continues to inspire and empower others through her podcast she co-hosts, Talent Takeover Unfiltered, while simultaneously breaking barriers as a Founding Recruiter on Forbes.jobs an exclusive platform with a 6% acceptance rate. 

Brianna’s businesses, including Thriversity and TalentPerch, provide comprehensive and empowering solutions to the complex realms of recruiting and talent acquisition. Thriversity focuses on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry, while TalentPerch takes on the most daunting hiring goals, delivering effective and tailored strategies. Through these ventures, Brianna revolutionizes the recruiting landscape, offering a holistic approach to empower both professionals and companies in their talent acquisition endeavors.

Mom to Diego Danger and Lima Ariel. She's all about smashing it at work and rocking it at home. No need to choose! Be present, be awesome, and conquer everything life throws at you! 🚀👩💼🏠💪
We proudly announce our official certification as a women-owned business by the WBENC. Our commitment is to foster diverse and inclusive leadership, ensuring opportunities for women and underrepresented groups in the companies we collaborate with. Together, let's drive positive change and empower a new generation of leaders.
TalentPerch was featured on the Inc. 5,000 list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

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Email: info@talentperch.com
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