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Curating the best talent for your team starts by aligning your culture and values

How Does It Work?

TalentPerch is a plug and play solution that embeds their knowledge and employees into your Talent Acquisition department. Not one client is the same, we tailor the best solution for your growth stage.
We do all the heavy lifting
We build and evaluate your interview process, keep hiring managers on schedule to fill hiring quotas, build pipelines with a data focused approach, and use a tactful process when closing candidates.
Simple pricing structure
Hiring is one of the most expensive and important ventures a company takes on. We align directly to your capacity modeling structure and create a plan of action with no long-term commitment.
A la carte options available
In case there is only one specific area you need support on, we can tailor an a la carte option for you. The recruiting and technology industry are always evolving and we love to adapt to better support the companies we work with.
Dedicated team members
We provide coordinators, sourcers, recruiters, client success leaders, and a dataOps team ready to tackle any level of hiring and process. These team members are dedicated to your team full-time, as if they are your own employee. All TalentPerch employees complete a vigorous training program and receive continuous development.

Our Plans

Are Fully Customizable

Sourcing Support Team

Top of Funnel Sourcing

Two Talent Partners sourcing for you
One Talent Partner will be your main point of contact
Our team handles top of funnel sourcing + initial recruiter screens
Collaborate with the Hiring Managers to ensure search is on track
You will receive 3-6 qualified and interested candidates a week

Embedded Talent Partner

Build Top of Funnel & Nurture Candidate Experience

Dedicated sourcers and recruiters that are blended into your team as your own employee
Sourcing map research and implementation
Build high-caliber candidate pipelines
Deliver recruiter screen intakes of qualified candidates while pitching the client with excitement and accuracy
Manage inbound direct applicant screenings
Best practices regarding candidate experience
Full-Cycle candidate management from beginning to end
In charge of the closing process, including salary negotiations

Talent Acquisition Packages

White Glove Service

  • Dedicated recruiting coordinator, sourcer or recruiter, and Client Success Partner blended into your team
  • Full interview, hiring, and organizational process evaluation and set-up
  • Analytics built out in order to have a data-driven process
  • Access to salary and hiring data collected on a monthly basis
  • Address and collaborate on all company pages to ensure they are inclusive and the company is put in the best light

Work With Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

  • Develop a candidate experience strategy that is engaging, includes focus on closing and drives ownership from end-to-end
  • Build an actionable GD&I hiring strategy that results in a culture of inclusive hiring
  • Authentic talent brand strategy that resonates with and is tangible for job seekers and passive talent
  • Decide on the best TA Systems & tools for your current stage and future. We have expertise in adoption, integration and configuration
  • Strategize on how to keep current employees happy and motivated long-term

Who Are We?

Combining over 20 years of recruiting experience
TalentPerch was founded by well known entrepreneur and tech recruiting guru Brianna Rooney and is quickly becoming an industry leader in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) space. This in large part stemming from her success also founding Techees Recruiting. The Techees team was recently acquired by Affirm.

Brianna is also famous for her charismatic thought leadership she shares on The Millionaire Recruiter YouTube Channel.

The TalentPerch team is comprised of highly talented recruiting professionals creating real change in the way companies of all kinds think about hiring. Our ability to quickly align unique company culture and values to hiring efforts enables mission driven companies to achieve value added hiring results. Well adept at seamlessly blending high caliber Talent Partner support with internal Talent Acquisition teams, TalentPerch is a trusted partner for an ever growing portfolio of clients within the Enterprise.
We are proud to officially be recognized by the WBENC as a certified women-owned business. We look forward to continuing to see women and others from under represented groups in leadership roles at the companies we partner with. 
Techees was recently featured on the Inc. 5,000 list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

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