How to Conquer Working Remotely

Brianna Rooney
January 31, 2022

Amid the pandemic, there are a lot of challenges to be faced. As professionals, we face these challenges Monday through Friday as we conquer work at home, remotely. Fully remote working is a transition that not many have faced before. Here are some survival tips that will help you work efficiently, help you optimize remote work practices, and ultimately get you through the work week.

Get Up & Get Dressed

I know it is tempting and comfy to wear your pajamas as you work remotely, however it is not the best idea. Changing your clothes, washing your face, brushing your teeth, maybe throwing on some makeup can increase your productivity and efficiency throughout your work day. By getting ready, it serves as a trigger instinctively that it is time to get your workday started. Do what you have to do to make yourself feel motivated! Routines are a great way to trigger your brain into work-mode or ‘on’ mode; take a shower and/ or make your morning coffee.


It is important to take care of your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Sitting in your chair, couch, or bed for hours on end, while staring at your computer is not a healthy practice for your daily life. Day-in and day-out starts to feel like Groundhog day. The is why you should establish boundaries for yourself and give yourself small breaks by taking short walks, eating your lunch outside, or opening a window for some fresh air. Do the little things to help you out in the long run, it’ll be worth it.

DWH (Designated Work Hours)

Create a work schedule that includes your working hours, breaks, and time to stop working. Yes, that's right, stop working. Working remotely allows for individuals to spend excessive and extensive hours working. Sometimes it can turn into an all-night thing if you don’t have a distinct cut-off time! It is critical that you make boundaries to disconnect from work in order to focus on your own life and the people that need you.

Create Your Own Space

It is good to be comfortable but not too comfortable. Sitting at a coffee table is an ultimate no-go. This is an aspect of remote work that is challenging: creating a distinction between your work and home life. Create your own space that is isolated for work only. This will allow for you to engage in higher productivity while also creating a cue. For example, you create a work area in the corner of your room at a desk. When you enter this corner you start work and only do work, but when you leave this corner, you stop work and don’t take it anywhere else with you throughout the house. Create your own work space and make that the designated place where all of your work needs are executed.

Distractions are the Worst… Avoid Them!

During this pandemic, there has been a constant flow of news whether it be in concern of politics or updates on coronavirus. Don’t let the news trigger you to become distracted. I know it’s hard to ignore a breaking news headline that pops-up onyour phone or computer. The will-power that it takes to not click on that banner is hard, I know! But one of the biggest challenges, and most important, to avoid during the work day is blocking out news media. Don’t get me wrong, it is always good to stay educated on current events but don’t let it tie you up during work. It could ultimately lead to anxiety and hours of scrolling. The same goes for notifications in general. Limit these on your devices in order to maximize your productivity on the work day.


The main takeaway is to keep grinding! Don’t let remote work block you from accomplishing your work objectives and goals. Take the right steps in the right direction towards productivity: get up, get dressed, take care of yourself, designate your work hours, create your own work space, and avoid distractions. Don't forget your work goals. Go crush them!